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Tax Alert: The Affordable Care Act and Your 2015 Tax Return

New IRS Publication on Health Care and 2015 Taxes

Tax year 2015 is the second year individuals will be required to report whether they satisfied the Individual Shared Responsibility (ISR) provisions of the Affordable Care Act (ACA). The IRS issued a new publication on how individuals are to report their health care coverage on their 2015 tax returns.

The Affordable Care Act requires you, your spouse and your dependents to have qualifying health care coverage for each month of the year, qualify for a health coverage exemption, or make an Individual Shared Responsibility Payment when filing your federal income tax return. If you had coverage for all of 2015, you will simply check a box on your tax return to report that coverage.

However, if you don’t have qualifying health care coverage and you meet certain criteria, you might be eligible for an exemption from coverage. Most exemptions are can be claimed when you file your tax return, but some must be claimed through the Marketplace.

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Source: IRS Tax Tips January 1, 2016HCTT-2016-01: The Individual Shared Responsibility Provision and Your 2015 Income Tax Return

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